Strategy & Innovation go hand in hand in the long term success of your business. 67% of well formulated strategy implementations fail because of poor execution, countless others fail because they are not actually strategies at all. Where there is no strategy there can be no sustained innovation.

Strategy today is constantly changing, five year plans are now living documents; is your strategy well defined? Are you revisiting it as customer demands and market realities change? True innovation is delivering value in creative ways that creates value for your customers and propels your strategic vision forward.

Bloom’s strategic framework is made for the modern world, contact us below to talk about how innovation and strategy go hand in hand with your success.

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Setting Strategy
Bloom’s strategy framework involves a deep dive of your business and its people, an external analysis, an overview of possible strategies and their impacts, and a recommended strategy complete with an implementation plan.
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Planning Turnarounds
The best companies know the right time to execute a turnaround isn’t when losses are mounting, but when growth is slowing. If your current strategy is losing steam in the marketplace, it might be time to consider a strategic turnaround.
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Creating an Innovative Culture
An innovative culture is a keystone in executing new strategies. Furthermore, it is possible to create a culture of sustained innovation. Bloom takes a team driven approach to creating an environment that rewards experimentation and innovation.
Strategy Advisory Services
Do you need insights into how an acquisition or avenue of expansion will impact your long term strategy? This short term service is designed to supplement larger scale strategic initiatives, or act as an add on to a longer term strategy implementation.