70% of companies won’t hit their growth goals this year because they have not optimized their sales & marketing programs, platforms, or processes.

Has your company designed a sales process that re-enforces your unique customer benefits? Is your pricing strategy reflective of the positioning of your business?

Bloom Advisory Group will rebuild your sales & marketing from the ground up so your business can maximize revenue and profits

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Pricing Excellence
A 1% increase in prices leads to an 8% increase in operating profits for the average Russell Small Cap firm according to McKinsey & Company. Get in touch with us today and we will guide you through the necessary steps of building pricing excellence into your business.
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Sales & Marketing Platform Deployment
Companies that develop a formalized selling process enjoy an 18% increase in revenue compared to those that do not. Bloom will help define that selling process for your business and build the necessary environment to sustain selling success
Integrated Marketing
Integrated Marketing Strategy
We will help transform your marketing program so that your message is integrated across platforms and processes and in line with your overall strategy. Bloom will design the program to be measurable, coordinated across channels, & persuasive so that you will receive real bottom line growth.
Customer Experience
Customer experience is king. A typical business that has just a modest improvement in the customer experience can expect to increase their revenue by 50% over three years. The advisers at Bloom are experts in designing a customer experience, be it brick & mortar, online, or in a hybrid environment.