Digital transformation is about your survival. Firms who do not embrace new technologies see their revenues cut in half as their industry approaches technological maturity.

Only 25% of digital transformations succeed; has your firm invested in the technology and, more importantly, in turning around its culture to compete in the digital age?

Bloom’s approach will ensure your transformation is one of those 25% that succeed

Organizational Culture, Health Analysis, & Roadmap
We’ll review the current state of your company starting with the people, the culture, and the existing business processes and logic. Then we will provide the framework for executing on your transformation.
Management Counseling
Bloom will meet regularly with your leadership team as the transformation framework unfolds. Some transformation can take years, so if you are interested in keeping us on-board long term, ask about our subscription services.
Online Presence
A strong online presence means that you will be in front of your customers at the right time with the right product. It means increased customer loyalty & engagement. Most importantly, it means an increased bottom line for your business.
Process Redesign
Bloom will integrate scalable technology into your existing processes and remove bottlenecks in the process. The end will be repeatable, location independent, and efficient processes that push your businesses growth plans forward.
Remote Work Deployment
A successful digital transformation will allow for a remote workforce. Bloom will make sure that your IT environment is secure and accessible to employees from anywhere with an internet connection.
Change Management
Change management is the process of changing organizational behavior and habits. Bloom will provide a framework for this process and lead its execution to maximize the likelihood of a successful transformation.
Team Building
A strong team is necessary to reap the full gains of taking your business digital. We will help build a team culture with your people that fosters creativity, innovation, and operational excellence.