80% of businesses struggle to manage the volume, variety, and velocity of their data according to Dun & Bradstreet.

Is your business data actionable? Are your competitors in a better position to win in the marketplace because of their reporting and data capabilities?

Bloom consults with companies to turn their data into decisions; contact us to see how we can create value for your business.

Analytics and Data Consulting Spedometer
Dashboard Design
Work with custom dashboards to get the right data to the right people at the right time. Bloom creates and maintains dashboards for your business, including customer, marketing, or business Key Performance Indicator dashboards.
Pie Chart Data and Analytics
Metric Development
We understand that metrics often lead to gaming the system to hit the goal, often at the expense of the business. Bloom specializes in developing holistic quantitative and qualitative metric sets that will ensure your company is pulling in one direction, forward.
Data Benchmark Consulting
Your sales grew 10% last year, but the industry grew 20%. Benchmarks help keep your results in perspective and provide realistic goals and milestones. Bloom handles the research and benchmarking for you, so you know how your business is performing against the competition.
Reporting and Analytics
Reporting & Analytics
Reporting undergirds your data strategy. A strong data culture needs quickly produce and interpret ad hoc reports and analytics. Bloom will build your recurring and ad hoc reporting capabilities so decisions that take weeks for your competitors will take you moments.
Decision Analytics Consulting
Decision & Process Automation
Automation will allow you to do more than the competition with less resources, which means more profits at the end of the day. Bloom has experience automating internal and stakeholder facing processes and workflows, unlocking efficiencies and profits in the process.