Our Approach

Bloom Advisory Group works with its clients to deliver a sustainable, data driven, and self-reinforcing competitive advantage. We start with defining the problem your business is facing. Next, we will undertake an ROI and break-even analysis at no cost to determine the feasibility of the project. Finally, we will recommend a path forward and deliver a proposal for one of three offerings:

Stand Alone Project Work
Ongoing Subscription Services
A Hybrid of the Two

The first step of any project will be a deep dive into your business and the creation of our implementation plan so we can help the business grow. We call it Built By Bloom, and its what sets us apart.
The next step of any engagement will involve the creation and delivery of the solution. This process could take days, weeks, or even years for full scale turnarounds. Our team will work closely with yours throughout the process to make sure the solution surpasses the business’s expectations at a minimum.

This is why we offer a 100% guarantee

Any project that does not meet the standards laid out in writing and in our verbal agreements will be refunded in full.

A Word on Transparency

Most firms will not share the intellectual property with you, and we feel that is wrong. Bloom’s goal is to help your business grow, and one of the ways we can help do that is by sharing the frameworks, approaches, and analytical tools we use with you. At Bloom, one of our measures of success is whether or not you still need us at the end of our engagement; you shouldn’t (though we’re happy to stick around!)

Our Pricing Approach

All of our pricing and proposals are landed costs and firm. Our estimates might be higher but there’s no overages, no ancillary expenses, and no surprises. We will not make your success contingent upon nickels and dimes. We back this up with our 100% money back guarantee, where else can you find that?